A Review on Jeffery Archer’s First Novel

Not a penny more, Not a penny less” was the very first novel written by Jeffery Archer. This novel was published in the year 1976. The novel is influenced by the writer’s life itself.

Book Cover

Book Cover

The novel is beads on the character of Harvey Metcalfe, he is over 40 years old, and he has aced the shady arrangement in progressing from errand person kid to big shot. Yet, by offering swelled oil stock, he has bamboozled the wrong men – Stephen Bradley, an American educator at University of Oxford, Dr Adrian Tryner, a Harley Street doctor, Jean-Pierre Lamanns, a French craftsmanship merchant with a display in London, and James Brigsley, beneficiary to an earldom. Each has purchased stock and endured when it fizzled. Bradley learns of Metcalfe’s obligation, and sorts out the other three to recover their cash. They are to arrange a meeting.

Jean-Pierre is effective at motivating Harvey to purchase a fake Van Gogh painting – he has constantly needed one. At the point when Harvey heads to Monte Carlo in the midst of a furlough, a pill in his beverage at the Casino causes extreme stomach torment which is made to resemble a Gallstone, and Adrian works, however scarcely breaking the skin, and gathers a substantial bill. Stephen imitates an Oxford official, as do the others, and inspires Harvey to think he is getting a privileged degree in return for a commitment. James, however not able to think of his very own arrangement, has been essential to the achievement of the others’ arrangements – and when he meets Anne’s dad, discovers that he is none other than Harvey.

The screen-play of this novel is based on a two miniseries.

Once you will decide to read the novel, it will be impossible to keep it down. This novel, as it is written in the time where the art of modern English Literature was at its peak, the novel is in pure English Language. There is no room from slang language in the novel. Indeed, it is very well written. The story narrates in a manner that takes the reader to a journey. It makes the reader understand the concepts of stock exchange and how exactly it works.

The ending does not comprise of any particular ending. It is left for the reader to decide. The novel does not contain any violence of any sort and all the characters are closer to our lives.